Our mission is to provide high quality subsidiary academic programming to prepare and promote students for the future.

In 2012, AMP, Inc., was founded by Megan Stevens and Jessica Barnett as a vehicle to positively influence and promote change in the education system. AMP was created to provide students with a way to gain access to supplemental educational resources that prepared them for the future. Our programming encourages participants to be forward thinkers in everything they do. AMP looks to equip our participants with the necessary skills to succeed in whatever field they chose in the future. 




AMP's vision is to promote, encourage and enhance the rising scholar. It is our hope that all participants will be inspired and motivated to better individuals and make a positive impact in their communities. It is essential that full familial support is sought after; as it is equally critical to the success of the students. AMP engages the entire family and strives to be an important resource to them. 

It is our hope that every child will be walk away the necessary tools for success. The development of relationships are important to our program dynamic and component. It is the establish of trust and rapport that allows for program and student accomplishments. 


Improve academic performance by providing engaging and individualized and real-world educational activities.


Build confidence by implementing teamwork and extracurricular activities.


Positively influence and strengthen the family-student relationship.


Prepare students for the future.