What​ WeDo



"It is not often that educators are blessed with an opportunity to work alongside such collaborative community partners."- Shy-Quon Ely, Co-Principal, Ignite Achievement Academy

Our programs and descriptions

Students are given individual and small group instruction which focuses on each student’s academic needs. AMP works closely with students, parents, teachers, and schools to encourage community and familial collaboration. Additionally, our staff reinforces the importance of education, teamwork, and integrity while guiding youth to become successful citizens. We offer multiple opportunities for students and their families to strengthen and develop their skills.


The program will focus on preparing the students for the future and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to be successful in various fields. Additionally, Power-UP will encourage creativity and innovation through the students’ work, ideas, and program long projects. 



Students will be introduced to various concepts and encouraged to go beyond their normal level of comfort and thinking. Philanthropic and civic engagement, business networking and relationship development, interpersonal communication, and problem solving are examples of concepts and topics discussed. Participants will have various opportunities throughout the program to make professional connections and foster positive professional relationships. They will engage in small projects throughout the program to foster teamwork, develop critical thinking skills and conflict resolution.


Students will present their program long projects to various community supporters during an entrepreneurship/leadership fair. Pre and Post assessments will be given on the students' ideas of leadership and attitude, as well as business and entrepreneurial concepts.

Entrepreneurship Program

This program focuses on improving academic performance by providing engaging, individualized, and real-world educational enrichment support and activities. We develop essential skills needed to improve academic performance. The curriculum will reinforce what’s going on in the classroom and will communicate with students, parents, teachers, and school administration in order to meet the needs of each student. Student need will be based of standardized test scores, grades, and parent, teacher, and student observation and input.

Recharge will encourage collaborative efforts between AMP, the students’ family and the classroom. Weekly reports from the teacher will be requested to help track and improve the students’ academic progress. Homework assistance and tutoring help will be provided by local college and high school students and other volunteers.

Literacy Enrichment Program